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Everyone Deserves to Feel Confident and
Capable in Their Own Skin

But there's a problem...

We know many people don’t feel confident or capable in their own bodies. At Nexus Fit Co, we coach fitness so people can learn to love their bodies while becoming stronger and happier.

What We Do Best

Group Classes

Build strength and endurance with our small group classes, starting at $120/mo.

Personal Training

Customize your plan based on your goals, starting at $40/session.​

Youth Fitness

Fitness programs for teens and young athletes. Starting at $120/mo.

Your Plan to Succeed with Fitness​

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Looking for accountability, encouragement, and even a little fun in your health/fitness goals? Nexus is THE place! I joined Nexus back in January and have not looked back once. The coaches create an amazing atmosphere of growth, perseverance, and fun! It's hard work but I'm loving the results!​


The owners are top notch and care for their members as if we are an extension of their own family. The coaches are very attentive and the classes all feel like personal training sessions. All those good things about the people have translated into me achieving the peak physical fitness of my adult life.​


You are capable of more than you know, and Nexus proves that time and again. I have never made an excuse not to come to one of their workouts. It's quick, fun, and intense, and I can see myself doing it the rest of my life!! Now THAT is powerful!!

How can you develop your confidence and
see greater fitness success?

At Nexus, we know people don’t feel confident and capable in their own skin. The fitness industry takes advantage of this by peddling expensive supplements, packing people into crowded classes, creating one-size-fits all programs, giving conflicting advice, and idolizing body image. These “solutions” waste precious time, money, and energy – leaving people feeling unhappy and lost.

We coach fitness so people may learn to love their bodies, develop more resilient minds, and build a greater capacity for life outside of the gym. Our members love our coaching because they know they will receive a plan with endless support based on their needs, goals, and abilities. You’ll know how to move effectively, build strength, and continually make progress.

When you get coached the right way, you feel more confident and become empowered to live a life you love.

Don’t settle for anything less. Start building your strength and confidence today. Book a free intro and get started on the life you deserve.

Resources and Downloads

Enjoy a selection of free resources and guides on us. Download our free PDFs and start your journey towards a stronger, happier life.