Youth Fitness

Developing a lifelong love of fitness

Too many young athletes exercise because they HAVE TO. Others never develop the habit because they didn’t find a sport they excelled in. Our goal is to make fitness something your young athlete enjoys and looks forward to. We aim to equip your child or teen with healthy habits that will stick with them for life.

What You Get

Prepare For Sport

Reduce risk of injury and unlock latent potential. By building foundational strength and mastering movement, your child is better prepared for the demands of life and sport.

Build Athleticism

Strong athletes dominate weaker athletes. More powerful athletes are quicker off the line and jump higher. An athlete that understands their ability is better able to use it when it counts.

Learn Proper Form

It's difficult to teach a weight room full of kids how to lift correctly. "Good enough" usually has to do. With a low coach to athlete ratio, we can effectively drill technique and movement.


Our approach focuses on the athlete as a whole, decreasing risk of injury common to team sports while improving performance and confidence in their abilities – both on the field and off.

1-on-1 Training

Work 1-on-1 with a personal coach. Your child's program is 100% personalized and designed to help them achieve their unique goals. Sessions by appointment only.
Starting at $40/session

Youth Athletic Performance

Small-group classes designed to help the next generation build the strength and confidence to equip them for life and sport. Classes on Tuesday and Thursday evenings.
$125/4-week block

“It has become a differentiator for Mac on the softball field. The power, explosiveness and flexibility all show when she’s on the mound.” – Kellie B.