Happiness is Progress, Not Perfection

“Here, we understand happiness is found in the pursuit of progress, not perfection.

Perfectionism robs us of motivation, success, and joy in every aspect of our lives. It slows us down, sapping us of energy, focus, and time. It hinders our creativity and resists change. Perfectionism begets self-criticism and imposes impossible demands on your abilities and resources. It leads to predictable fluctuations in motivation as you become encouraged by accomplishment and depressingly discouraged by the slightest setback.

In the pursuit of perfection, people become stagnant.

Instead, choose to chase progress.

When focusing on progress, you can overcome any obstacle because you already believe you have the ability to change and that your goals are within reach. This mindset doesn’t believe in failure, but in opportunities to learn and to grow.

Pursuing progress allows you to see your successes and achievements, and encourages excitement for all the possibilities the future holds. And, above all, progress is sustainable. With progress in mind, we understand that the path to success isn’t straight nor easy, but one filled with obstacles and challenges, ups and downs. And yet we carry on, ready for the road ahead.

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