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Coach Madison: Why I Coach Youth Athletes

Picture this: Middle school gym class warm-ups. Last movement the class is doing is 10 push-ups. Not a crazy complicated movement, but something that I was completely unable to do at the time. 

I was athletic and played every sport you could think of but I was also a rather scrawny kid. My basketball coach was the gym teacher and was less than thrilled with my inability to do quality push-ups, so he told me about it. In front of the whole rest of the class I was singled out and made to struggle through the 10 “quality” push-ups that he was looking for. 

I was horrified. Red in the face embarrassed that I couldn’t do them. 

I held myself to a high standard of being the strong athletic kid so not being able to do push-ups, of all things, was a crushing blow.

That feeling is something I don’t want other kids to feel. I want them to be strong so they can do things like push-ups and feel confident doing so. Being able to learn that they can accomplish anything if they just put forth some effort. That is a skill and a mindset that they can take well beyond a gym setting.

It can lead them with a sense of pride, accomplishment, and the realization that they can do the things they once thought they wouldn’t be able to do.

Youth Athletic Performance

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